Planning Theme

Truman by Design:  A New Era of Opportunity

The SPAC is approaching the development of a strategic plan with a recognition of the importance of preserving the “Truman Experience”.  Although the “Truman Experience” is difficult to define, we believe that it reflects the unique opportunities we offer for students, faculty and staff to engage in transformative learning experiences in and out of the classroom.  Our community will be called upon to make significant changes in response to budget realities.  We hope that our strategic plan will result in innovative and creative actions purposefully designed to enhance the “Truman Experience” while minimizing pressures on our diminishing resources.

The Committee’s Vision:

By August 2011, we will present a strategic plan to the Board of Governors that articulates who we are as a Truman Community, while shaping what we can become.

Criteria for Including Goals in Our Final Plan

  • Clear
  • Compelling
  • Consistent with our values
  • Elegant
  • Embraced by the community
  • Measurable
  • Memorable
  • Motivational
  • Reflect our institutional identity
  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Useful to planning and decision making
Guidelines for Our Process

  • Effective
  • Engaging
  • Focused
  • Informed
  • Interactive
  • Timely