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November 2010

Dear Truman Community,

On August 27th, President Paino appointed the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) with the responsibility to develop a strategic plan for the next five years.  We have a very aggressive timeline and have been asked to conduct a transparent process.  In order to meet both the deadline of Summer 2011 for completion of the plan and to ensure that the campus community is well informed of our activities, we have developed a communication plan that will provide multiple opportunities for the entire campus community to be informed about and engaged in the planning process.

We have assigned liaisons with various campus administrative and governance groups to establish a flow of information between SPAC and the various campus constituencies.  We will be conducting open discussions with faculty, staff and students during each of the three phases of our planning process.  During the information gathering phase, we will be asking for general input regarding University priorities to build upon the ideas shared at the Strategic Planning and Assessment Workshop.

We will also be seeking feedback from the campus community after the initial goals and indicators are established and when the draft document is complete. We will also be posting questions regularly in order to elicit additional feedback from the campus community.  The answers to these questions will help to direct our work.

We welcome opportunities to share ideas and exchange information during the next few months as together we complete this significant project for Truman.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or information you would like to share.


Doug Davenport
Co-Chair SPAC
  Lou Ann Gilchrist
Co-Chair SPAC


Weeks of November 15th-30th
If you were to summarize Truman’s Mission Statement, what three phrases would you use to do so?

Weeks of November 1st-14th
What goals, objectives and strategies do you want to see included in our strategic plan?

Weeks of October 18th-31st
What “intentional transformations” do you believe Truman needs to make in the face of significant and sustained funding challenges?

Weeks of October 4th-17th
What do you consider to be the most critical external issues that should influence the content of our next strategic plan?